Real Happiness Can Be Imagined

Imagine happinessHappiness can’t be found but it can be imagined, and if you can imagine enough happiness for yourself, you will bring that happiness everywhere with you.

Seems simple, and it is, I don’t think we can control our subconscious minds but if we send enough happy thoughts using our conscious minds (our imaginations) our subconscious mind will keep our emotions positive.

This is not something you should do every moment of the day; pick a 3o minute time slot when you know you will not be disturbed, first thing in the morning, maybe lunch time or before you go to sleep at night, and imagine the life you want to lead. Imagine yourself as the person you want to be, and imagine the person you want to spend your life with, see yourself in the house you want to live in, imagine yourself in the ideal job working with wonderful people and getting paid a wonderful salary. Imagine going to your favourite places where you like to relax. Imagine the holiday destinations you want to travel to, the sun, sea and sand or the peaks of the highest mountains.

Albert Einstein is attributed with the following quote which is appropriate for the message communicated in the post, “logic will only get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

When you imagine your perfect life, the only residual emotion will be happiness. Mind you, this will not happen the first time you try it, or the second, but if you can think those thoughts for 30 consecutive days, you will notice how different you’ll feel about your life.

I’ll leave you with the following Zig Ziglar quote, it epitomises the need for regular patterns of thought;

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”

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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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