Dissolve The Barriers You Created

dissolve.pngYou are only limited by the limitations you impose upon yourself. You have greatness inside of you, you have the ability to learn anything you want, you have the ability to change every aspect of your life if you choose to do it; all you need to do is decide what you want to be, then set in place the plans you need to make those changes happen.

There’s a good possibility you will not need to learn anything, all you need to do is change your attitude towards yourself and in the process your attitude towards the world will change.

You change your attitude towards yourself by examining your current attitudes, if you wish to make real changes, you have to be real honest with yourself. Ask yourself those difficult questions;

Is the behaviour you share with your friends radically different to the one you show strangers?

Do you believe you are better than everybody else?

What are your real fears?

What barriers you have created to protect yourself from being hurt?

Do you allow out-dated superstitions to guide your life?

Did you inherit your parent’s prejudices?

Do you push people away if they get too close?

Do you judge people by their looks?

Did you listen too well when you were told as a child that you were too stupid to amount to anything?

Did you think you did something wrong and that’s why your parents were always arguing?

What do you think about the people you currently share your life with?

Are they who you want in your life or did you choose them to avoid loneliness?

It is not bravery to stay somewhere you don’t belong; bravery is when you make a decision to leave knowing it’s the best decision for everybody involved; and I don’t mean suicide, that’s not leaving, that’s giving up.

“Don’t allow your past to crucify your present.”

Are you racist, sexist, Heterosexist, ageism, antisemitism, classism, antireligious, or any of the other words that end in ist or ism that might show you don’t have a balanced view of yourself or the people you may interact with?

I’m sure there are people in each group you would prefer to avoid but you shouldn’t avoid them because of their ethnicity. The attitude you have towards those groups will not affect anybody within them but they may be doing yourself no end of harm by having negative thoughts constantly running around your mind.

“A human skeleton has no identifying features.”

When you answer all the questions honestly; ask yourself how have those attitudes benefited you thus far? If there are no benefits, you should consider changing your attitude because your attitudes are a good indicator of your behaviour; if you don’t like your behaviour, the people you want in your life will not like your behaviour either.

“Life’s too short to live under the dark clouds you created to protect you from the sunshine you deserve.”

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I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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