If I cannot use social media to sell, why should I use social media

Trying to stop time.

The hands on my watch never stop, they continue on their never-ending journey into time yet to pass; and yet there are some people in the business world who believe that time has stopped for them, they believe that every interaction they have with their customers and clients regardless of the location has to be sales orientated. When they cannot see direct results from their marketing activities, they believe that particular marketing activity should stop.

They are of course correct but, business owners need to look at the big picture especially when dealing with social media platforms; not all sales activities begin and end on the same day or in the same place for that matter.

Social media platforms are the equivalent of networking events, they just take place over-time on the internet instead of in a hotel or The Waterford Crystal visitor centre, where I had the privilege of attending a networking event last evening.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of using social media, the first example is going to be from a business that wants to use social media platforms to be social and the second is going to show a business that wants to use social media platforms to sell. They are taken a little out of context but, the message is clear.

 Using Social Media to be social

Jim looks happy.

Jim looks happy.

Jim walked up to where a girl was standing in a public house and said “Hello, how are you?” The girl replied, “I’m feeling great, thank you for asking, and how are you?” The conversation continued, and Jim found out the girl’s name was Jill; he also found out that they had a great deal of interests in common. At the end of the night, Jim asked Jill if she would like to meet again?” to which she replied, yes; so they agreed to exchange telephone numbers and stay in touch. After meeting socially on a number of occasions, Jim decided to offer Jill a lift home? To which Jill replied, yes please, so they got into Jim’s car and headed off down the road.

 Using Social Media to sell

Jim walks into a public house, and notices there are a number of women who appear to be on their own. Jim walks up to the first women and says, “I want you to be the mother of my children.” The woman looked at Jim as if he had two heads, and then proceeded to call over the Bouncer to have Jim evicted from the premises.

  • Jim did well when he acted appropriately, he got his sale but, when Jim acted in an inappropriate manner, all he received was his marching orders.

Why business must use Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

There is always the right time and the right place to interact with your customers and clients, and when it is done correctly, social media platforms will provide your business owners with the following:

  • Connection to customers and clients
  • Building your brand
  • Brand loyalty
  • Promotion
  • Building credibility within your industry.
  • Keeping an eye on the competition
  • Inviting customers and clients to visit your other online sites, where sales can take place.

Social media platforms are a great way for business’s to interact socially with their clients and customers. The question every business owner needs to ask before they stop using social media marketing is;

* If I don’t inform all those people who are using social media platforms of where my business is and what we provide? Who will? 

Sales will be generated as a result of using Social Media, not because of using Social Media.

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4 Responses to If I cannot use social media to sell, why should I use social media

  1. DiamondsIRL says:

    Very true Brendan. The hard sell can be very anti social.


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