Dreams Are Where Wonderful Journeys Begin

DreamerThe, “I have a dream speech,” by Martin Luther King is the epitome of dreaming about what wonderful things can happen. We know from what we read in the papers and see on television his dream has yet to be realised but we also know by the current president of America Barack Obama that things have certainly improved since the time of Martin Luther King.

Those changes didn’t come about just because somebody had a dream, they came about through believing in the dream and putting in place plans so that those dreams could become a reality. People over the years have put in a lot of hard work to make the changes we see today.

The same applies to you and I, we need to have dreams, something to aim towards, a goal we want to accomplish, and when we have that dream we need to put in place plans on how we are going to accomplish that dream. Of course they have to be realistic or they just won’t work out. Anybody who dreams they can fly without wings is probably on something that’s illegal.

I’ll leave you with this quote;

“I’m not just a dreamer anymore, I’m a believer too.”


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