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Do Not Neglect your Mind or Body

Your mind and body work best when they work in harmony, it’s up to you which one you start with; you can begin by building a positive mindset and then start on your body or you can begin with your … Continue reading

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Strong relationships are built using selective hearing

You’re relaxing in the sitting room, everybody around you is doing their own thing, making small noises, you’re probably making your own little noises too, that is until something interesting comes on the television or radio, then you go deaf … Continue reading

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Every Relationship Needs Balance

The Sun and the Earth have a great relationship, each gives the other just enough room so that they prosper, of course the Sun is not as concerned about the distance between the Earth and itself as the Earth is. … Continue reading

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My Week in Pictures (2)

These are a couple of the images I have shared during the week, I hope you enjoy viewing them. The foundation of business is supply and demand, if you are not providing something of value for somebody else, you will … Continue reading

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Life continues to Move Forward

How will I get over this? How will I survive? I’m not a crier; I’m not even that sentimental. These are the words of people who have recently lost someone near and dear to their heart and they are right … Continue reading

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