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I wasn’t his target audience although I may be now

The person who wrote, ” one small change at a time will ameliorate your life,” wasn’t communicating with me because I didn’t know what ameliorate meant. I have since found out the meaning of ameliorate; it is to make something … Continue reading

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Once you learn to walk you do it automatically

Once you learn to walk you do it automatically. Once you learn to eat solid food you do it automatically. Once you learn to speak you do that automatically too, however, sometimes that isn’t the best course of action; from … Continue reading

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Words on their own do not always convey meaning

Just because somebody shares their words with you does not mean you will understand their meaning. We are all individuals living a unique existence.

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Words Do Not Accurately Communicate Emotions

The most gifted writers have put pen to paper over the eons but they still haven’t managed to accurately put into words the deep emotional love a mother has for her children because there are no words to describe those … Continue reading

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Your actions will always be remembered

Try to remember what your parents thought you through words and all you will remember is, “how many times have I told you to do that,” and that is because we are initially programmed to watch rather than listen, this … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning behind some Words

I love the English language because it gives people like me, the chance to play with words and their meanings. I have put a few of my favourite below, I hope you enjoy reading them. Baby Sitter: This career is … Continue reading

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Knowledge limits words

Knowledge limits words

When you know your business inside out and you know what value you provide for your clients? You have the ability to explain what you provide in simple terms.
This is more commonly known as an elevator speech, a two minute explanation of the services you provide.

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