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Spending money is not the cause or solution to a problem

Spending money is not the cause or solution to a problem because you cannot buy happiness. The biggest problem facing people today is they’re not happy with who they are so they keep spending money in the hope of buying … Continue reading

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You Need Mental Health to be Considered Wealthy

Your health is your wealth; an adage as old as time itself and is true for everybody that has ever lost their good health. All the money in the world will be of little use if you haven’t got the … Continue reading

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Three Things Everybody Should Possess

“A healthy body will bring you everywhere, a wealthy mind will ensure you can get there in comfort and a rich heart will ensure you’re enjoying your journey with the right people.” ~Brendan Dunne.    

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The Secret to Acquiring Wealth is Not a Secret

The first step on your path to wealth is not spending all your time thinking about money, that’s the quickest way of ending up poor because if you spend all the time thinking about the money you haven’t, you will acquire no more money … Continue reading

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