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Words on their own do not always convey meaning

Just because somebody shares their words with you does not mean you will understand their meaning. We are all individuals living a unique existence.

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The mundane will not be remembered

If you don’t give somebody a good reason to remember you, they will forget you before you become a memory. You only have to look at your own memories to see the proof in that statement. Everybody you remember from … Continue reading

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Being uniquely gifted is not enough

Being uniquely gifted is not enough because life’s more complicated than that. You might say, “that’s not fair” however I’ve been around for long enough to understand gifted people can suffer if all their gifts are in the one basket. … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Planet is Unique to Them

We are all artists, our thoughts are the paints we use to colour the world we live upon. Everybody’s planet is unique to them because everybody is unique. “Do not expect other people to understand your world.”

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Everybody is Uniquely Different

The people who claim they are normal have to work exceptionally hard every day to keep up that persona; they have to find out what’s popular. Dress in the same clothes as everybody else, just not on the same day … Continue reading

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You Need to Know Who You Are

The path to success is different for everybody, but there is one thing everybody who succeeded had in common; they knew who they were, and what they wanted to achieve. That is the secret to success, it’s the ability to … Continue reading

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Do Not Discriminate against other People’s Faith

The majority of people I know or have had the privilege to meet throughout my life have one thing in common; they want to fit in, they act in ways that will allow them to be respected and accepted by … Continue reading

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