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Some people confuse criticism with positivity

Being a positive person means you respect negative people’s right to be negative. The world needs understanding, not criticism.

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I wasn’t his target audience although I may be now

The person who wrote, ” one small change at a time will ameliorate your life,” wasn’t communicating with me because I didn’t know what ameliorate meant. I have since found out the meaning of ameliorate; it is to make something … Continue reading

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Knowledge does not always lead to understanding

Knowledge will remove every illusion you possess and then you’ll only have the truth for company. You’d think that would make life easier to understand but that would be wishful thinking. If you become knowledgeable you may think you have … Continue reading

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Understanding is Unique to Everybody

People are unique because they experience different events at different times of their life, each event creates an experience that colours every related event after that so that’s why people are different. A teenager who kisses a girl at 13 … Continue reading

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You Cannot Teach What You Do Not Understand

“Before you can teach, you have to understand; understanding is not found in books, you only find knowledge in books, understanding is found through experience, which means, before you become a great teacher, you have to experience life.” ~M.E “Failure is … Continue reading

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