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You Need to Know Who You Are

The path to success is different for everybody, but there is one thing everybody who succeeded had in common; they knew who they were, and what they wanted to achieve. That is the secret to success, it’s the ability to … Continue reading

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You Will Succeed with A Positive Mental Attitude

A person with a positive mental attitude is a person who can see something positive in a situation where nothing positive seems to exist. Failure and negativity doesn’t exist for them because they are realists, they know that bad things … Continue reading

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Do you Fire a Colleague to Save the Business

Cut off your nose to spite your face is a well-known idiom that applies to every situation both in our personal and professional lives, another term which I believe falls into this category is nepotism, this is where people are employed or promoted based … Continue reading

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“Nine Positive steps to Succeed in Business”.

Albert Einstein was definitely ahead of his peers but for us mere mortals Success is a destination that is determined by our path through life. Some people believe themselves successful if they are able to get out of bed in … Continue reading

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