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The Smile Everybody Needs to Find

“Everybody’s looking for the same smile but the reason behind that smile will be different for everybody.” “The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.” ~Mark Twain. … Continue reading

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The Right Attitude Will Get You Everything You Need

Your attitude is based on why you want to accomplish your goals. If you do anything for selfish reasons, you will have a selfish attitude; if everything you do is designed to help other people, you will have a helpful … Continue reading

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What Expression Do You Wear When You Are Deep in Thought

“Cheer up, it might never happen,” is a phrase somebody said to me at the weekend; I didn’t realise until that moment that when I’m deep in thought I obviously look quite stern, or depressed, I’m not quite sure as … Continue reading

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Life continues to Move Forward

How will I get over this? How will I survive? I’m not a crier; I’m not even that sentimental. These are the words of people who have recently lost someone near and dear to their heart and they are right … Continue reading

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