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The Real Meaning behind some Words

I love the English language because it gives people like me, the chance to play with words and their meanings. I have put a few of my favourite below, I hope you enjoy reading them. Baby Sitter: This career is … Continue reading

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We will always Remember our Magical Moments

Why are our magical moments so important? If we are lucky, there will be times in our lives when we accomplish feats that surpass our own expectations; these are what I consider to be magical moments because just by dwelling … Continue reading

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Worrying about People and Events outside of your ability to Change is Pointless

The sun will rise in the morning, and it will set again at dusk, these are events we are sure will happen and should it come to pass where they do not, your worrying days will be behind you forever. … Continue reading

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Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future

A business and a river have more in common than you may think, they both have small beginnings, and they both have to be flexible enough to overcome obstacles in order to move forward, but move forward they do.
Some may join other rivers in order to reach their goals and of course their past is not an indication or where their future lies. The mightiest businesses have had humble beginnings.

Kind regards,
Brendan Dunne
Arrow Digital Marketing

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Nine positive steps to succeed in business.

Albert Einstein was definitely ahead of his peers, but for us mere mortals Success is a destination that is determined by our path through life. Some people believe themselves successful if they are able to get out of bed in … Continue reading

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Is today a good time to outsource your social media activities?

“One cannot manage too many affairs; like pumpkins in the water, one pops up while you try to hold down the other”  is a very apt Chinese proverb for describing your normally busy Entrepreneur. As a business owner you are … Continue reading

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Is good layout, spelling or grammar necessary in communications?

The aim of any promotional literature is for the receiver to read the copy right through to the end to make sure the message that was sent is the message that is received. I have listed below what I believe … Continue reading

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