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English is a wonderfully confusing language

I like the English language mainly because it’s the only language I partially understand, and I’ve used it my whole life. I’m always amazed by people who learn it as a second or maybe third language, they must spend a … Continue reading

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I wasn’t his target audience although I may be now

The person who wrote, ” one small change at a time will ameliorate your life,” wasn’t communicating with me because I didn’t know what ameliorate meant. I have since found out the meaning of ameliorate; it is to make something … Continue reading

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Words on their own do not always convey meaning

Just because somebody shares their words with you does not mean you will understand their meaning. We are all individuals living a unique existence.

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Positive Words Always Project a Positive Image

The words we use to communicate may have the same meaning but they definitely do not project the same image onto the people who are listening. Positive words project a positive personality while negative words project a weak personality. The … Continue reading

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Understanding is Unique to Everybody

People are unique because they experience different events at different times of their life, each event creates an experience that colours every related event after that so that’s why people are different. A teenager who kisses a girl at 13 … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning behind some Words

I love the English language because it gives people like me, the chance to play with words and their meanings. I have put a few of my favourite below, I hope you enjoy reading them. Baby Sitter: This career is … Continue reading

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