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The Thoughts We Have About Ourselves Create Our Reality

The power of positive thinking is out there for everybody to see; it’s clearly evident in every person who has it, they don’t waste their energy on things they can’t control they only concentrate on the things they can and … Continue reading

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It’s Important to Like Who You Are

The thoughts and feelings you have about yourself is the foundation of how you treat everybody else and how they in turn treat you. If you don’t like yourself, you will find it difficult to believe anybody else will like … Continue reading

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If You Desire Positive Self-esteem Give Compliments Not Insults

A positive self-esteem is the ultimate goal of everybody for one simple reason, everybody wants to feel good about themselves because when you feel good about yourself, you’re happier, life is better and you will like everybody you interact with, … Continue reading

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Do Not Accept Every Insult People Send You

You do not have to accept every insult people send your way because most of the time it’s not meant, they just happened to find a chink in your armour, one of your perceived weaknesses. You more than likely are … Continue reading

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