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Vouchers are not always a good present

Vouchers are often an obligation to spend money, hence, they’re not always a good present. How it works: Vouchers are printed by companies to entice customers into their shops. The price of goods are often increased if a voucher is … Continue reading

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Passionately pursue your every desire without feeling guilty

Nobody but you can find you guilty of following your desires and when you know what you want and what you’re prepared to pay, you will not experience guilt. Identifying what you want is not going to be easy because … Continue reading

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The Receptionist Holds the Key to Every Successful Business

Ah nooooooooooo, I have to call that company again, are words you don’t want anybody thinking who has on-going contact with your business regardless of whether they are your customers, suppliers or your own sales representatives out on the road, … Continue reading

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Your business needs to retain the loyal customers you already have

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, for without customers there would be no business. We constantly strive to grow our businesses, however, if you only have the resources to satisfy your current customer base, it’s better to delay any … Continue reading

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