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If you think you need more, you do

Your thoughts govern your world, that’s a fact. If you think you need more money, you will never have enough money. If you think you need a better car, your current car will never be good enough for you. If … Continue reading

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Your future will not change because you worried about it

When you live in the moment, you can only spoil one moment at a time, whereas, if you worry about what’s going to happen next year, you can ruin a whole year.

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Vouchers are not always a good present

Vouchers are often an obligation to spend money, hence, they’re not always a good present. How it works: Vouchers are printed by companies to entice customers into their shops. The price of goods are often increased if a voucher is … Continue reading

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Bring Into The Future Only The Things You Want to Find

“When you make peace with your past, you will only find peace in your future.” ~ Anon If you find yourself angry about people and events from your history, you will certainly face similar events in the future because you … Continue reading

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Your History was Mapped out for you. Your Future is Not.

You can’t change anything that happened two minutes ago, (just ask any would be cook who just burned their toast), let alone change anything that happened yesterday or at any time before then so it makes sense to accept your … Continue reading

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