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Positive People Do Not Base Their Opinion on Assumptions

“Don’t build roadblocks out of assumptions.” – Lorii Myers. A fitting quote to continue my series of blogs based on what positive people do not do. Today I’m looking at reasons why positive people do not base their opinion on … Continue reading

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21 Things Positive People Do Not Do

Imagine living in a world where only positivity existed, a world where people got on with what they had to do and didn’t worry about anything else. Positive people do not believe in luck. Positive people do not blame other … Continue reading

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If You Desire Positive Self-esteem Give Compliments Not Insults

A positive self-esteem is the ultimate goal of everybody for one simple reason, everybody wants to feel good about themselves because when you feel good about yourself, you’re happier, life is better and you will like everybody you interact with, … Continue reading

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