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Positive people will tell you what to do

Listen to the people who tell you what to do because they are the positive people in your life. Any time you see a list that begins with poor people don’t, rich people don’t, positive people don’t, skinny people don’t … Continue reading

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One positive thought at a time will improve your life

Your life will not improve until the thoughts you have about your life improves. Remember, nothing changes in a moment, not even your attitude, the only thing that changes in a moment is your decision to improve your attitude. A … Continue reading

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You cannot live a positive life using negative words

Positive words have a positive impact. Negative words will leave you feeling drained. And that’s why the words you choose are so important. YOU: I can and I will, are positive statements of intent. If you use any other words to … Continue reading

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Positive and Negative Feelings Exist in Everybody

Positive and negative feelings exist in everybody but not everybody is aware of them because they are usually too busy dealing with the reasons behind their emotions rather than concentrating on their feelings. This is okay as long as a … Continue reading

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