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Every day you decide your future

What’s your answer? Change begins with a decision to change.

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Nobody Can Change Your Life Until You Want to Change

“Change comes at a price, until the day arrives when you’re willing to pay that price, your life will remain the same as it is today.” ~Anon  What have you got to lose?

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Don’t Prevent Your Future from Happening Naturally

Don’t force change, because when you force anything, you’re actually preventing the changes you want to see from happening. Naturally occurring changes take time but when the change happens, the changes last. Forced change can bring quick results but these … Continue reading

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You Have to Forget to Learn Anew

“Change will never stick if you constantly remember who you were.” And it is for that very reason you have to forget before you can learn; if you spend all your time saying, “I was insecure but that isn’t who … Continue reading

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