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Let other people be free to be whatever they want to be

Live and let live. If somebody wants to act like a genius or a clown, let them. “Why?” You may ask, and the answer is simple, it’s far easier to agree with them than it is to challenge their opinions. … Continue reading

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Do not get emotional about other people’s opinions

“Life’s too short to get emotional about what people say because they’re going to say it anyway.” ~Anon A lot of people share an opinion just to get attention, if you ignore their words, they’ll not mention them to you … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Afraid To Say No

A lot of people ended up where they were not supposed to be because they refused to say no when yes was not the first answer that came into their mind when the question was asked. This is called doubt. … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Like Somebody to Learn from Them

“You have to be willing sometimes to listen to some remarkable bad opinions to continue to learn something valuable from them.” I wish somebody had explained this lesson to me when I was young because you learn more about yourself … Continue reading

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Value Your Opinion Enough to Appreciate Other People’s Opinions

Where opinions are concerned, there is no right or wrong, everybody is entitled to an opinion, the fact that their opinion disagrees with yours can have four possible outcomes. You can have a conversation about the subject. This action is … Continue reading

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