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I will never understand why people repeatedly post selfies

With the introduction of new technology where everyone is connected to everybody else all the time through the internet and everyone is now a photographer because every smartphone has a camera, we’re inundated with pictures. I like this because I … Continue reading

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The world is full of people I will never understand

They’re comedians all right, they’re just not funny ones. If there’s a straight forward, common sense approach to accomplishing a task you’d think people would use it. However, I’ve been alive for long enough to understand the following. Common sense … Continue reading

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A good education would be wasted on me

Life is a great deal more interesting for people with a simpler understanding of words. I curse you not.

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Boys to men and what they want from a woman.

Boys live in a physical world where their emotional needs are satisfied by physical exercise. Their ability to think above their belt doesn’t materialize until much later in life. Some boys never grow up regardless of the date on their … Continue reading

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Insults are not funny to the people being insulted

Insults are not funny to the people being insulted, however, those people are prepared to laugh when they think the jokes are aimed at somebody else. And who can blame them, if you take all the fun out of life, … Continue reading

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Interview questions are not designed to find unique employees

If you want somebody to follow procedures, invite them for an interview. If you want somebody who’s going to make a difference, invite them for a conversation. The following questions and answers are my idea of having fun at an … Continue reading

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Terms and conditions are nobody’s friend

It’s normally too late if you need to read the terms and conditions. However, that didn’t stop you from agreeing to them in the first place. “The big print giveth, the small print taketh away.” ~Tom Waits. Great value. Yes, … Continue reading

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Are people capable of following strict rules?

“Rules are made to be broken.” The idea that Government restrictions are going to do anything about getting rid of the coronavirus is ludicrous. If you happened to hear about the story of 80 members of the Irish Oireachtas golfing … Continue reading

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Not every problem needs a practical solution

Most men are practically orientated, they believe if somebody is telling them about their problems they’re actually asking for help in finding a solution. Of course, most women don’t have the same mindset, they’re more emotionally orientated. They believe that … Continue reading

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Building walls will not resolve anything

Building walls will not resolve anything, however, if you’re not on either side of the wall it can be funny to watch people talking about them. “Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary.” ~Tamora Pierce. “Only … Continue reading

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