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To be free you must move forward

If you spend your life going round and round in a goldfish bowl type environment you’re not going to change your life in any meaningful way. The reason being: If you continue repeating the same mistakes with different people you’re … Continue reading

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Do you have an answer to this quandary

It’s a well know fact that there’s power in numbers. Scientists have known for some time that the answer of the masses will be more accurate than professionals. The world is currently being held to ransom by a virus that … Continue reading

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Everyday goals everybody should achieve

Life’s not meant to be complicated, it’s meant to be enjoyable, the only reason it’s complicated is because too many people concentrate on long-term goals instead of short-term goals. It’s okay to keep an eye on the future, however, you … Continue reading

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Everything Starts Within You First

If you want to create a better future, you have to imagine a better future. If you cannot see a better future, you need to work on your imagination.

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Bring Into The Future Only The Things You Want to Find

“When you make peace with your past, you will only find peace in your future.” ~ Anon If you find yourself angry about people and events from your history, you will certainly face similar events in the future because you … Continue reading

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Your History was Mapped out for you. Your Future is Not.

You can’t change anything that happened two minutes ago, (just ask any would be cook who just burned their toast), let alone change anything that happened yesterday or at any time before then so it makes sense to accept your … Continue reading

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You’re Responsible for Your Future

Nobody can tell you what your future is going to be because your future hasn’t been written yet. “The Only Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It.”

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Change Because Your Past was Never Yours to Keep

This is the most popular subject anywhere on the web, it does not matter which site you visit there will be somebody advising you to live in the present to ensure a great future. I agree with them because a … Continue reading

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Hindsight would be a Wonderful Gift for any Business

In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield. ~Warren Buffet. The gift of hindsight to is not ours to give, so we will just have to do as much research as possible before making decisions regarding the … Continue reading

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“Our Memories protect our Future by Forgetting our Past”

Life is not about waiting for the weather to clear; it is about being prepared for the weather we get. The way in which we prioritise our memories allow us to move forward with a positive outlook on life. The … Continue reading

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