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Everybody you meet has faults

The world is full of people who are different in many ways, the only thing they all have in common is, none of them are perfect in every way. I’ve listed a number of common character flaws in people, which … Continue reading

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Real friends do not need to prove they are your friend

If you require your friends to share your shite to prove they are your friends, you’ve no idea what real friendship means. Real friends don’t have to speak to each other every day, they don’t have to know everything in … Continue reading

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Accept the choices you make

Every time you make a decision, you’re deciding what you’re going to do, but you’re also choosing what you’re going to reject. When the choice is between things, it’s not that important, however, when the choice is between two people, … Continue reading

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The Principles of Positively Influencing People

Andrew Carnegie through the words of Napoleon Hill outlined what he believed were the necessary traits required to live a successful life. The following quotes are based on those principles. Think and Grow Rich  

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Do not play with the emotions of other people

“Leave them alone,” if your thoughts, words and actions are not going to benefit other people in a positive way; change the way you think, don’t use words you know will embarrass them and don’t use your body language skills … Continue reading

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Do Not Follow This Path to Find Happiness

If you find yourself agreeing with this list, you may need to reconsider your approach to other people.

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