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You do not need to justify your beliefs

If you believe pigs can fly, I wish you luck in finding people to join your society, however, I respect your right to believe. You never know, there could be invisible flying pigs that only you can see. I believe … Continue reading

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You are entitled to many things, however, you’re not entitled to that

The world is full of people with different beliefs. Each and every belief is of equal value. You are entitled to your beliefs, however, you should not expect anybody else to agree or disagree with you. You’ve got to let … Continue reading

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Is everybody capable of being racist?

Is everybody capable of being racist? That’s a rhetorical question because the answer is simple. People are capable of being and doing anything they want.¬†As the famous quote implies, “you’re only limited by the limits you create.” If we follow … Continue reading

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Guilty until proven innocent is not a new concept

Who do they think they are? Coming into our part of the world and taking my child’s future prospects away from them. The opening line is a misconception, they are imagining things that don’t exist outside of their imagination because … Continue reading

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Our Views Change as We Mature

When you think about yourself in a positive way, your thoughts on life and everybody you meet will always be positive. The quote speaks for itself, ladies and gentlemen will always think before they talk, this does not mean they … Continue reading

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