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You learn to swim where you’re slightly uncomfortable not where you’ll drown

Humans do not learn to swim in the middle of the ocean and if they do, they don’t swim for very long, if fact, they’re more likely to learn how not to drown so quickly rather than to swim. It’s … Continue reading

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Adopting a Positive Attitude Requires Passion and Desire

“You cannot live a positive life with a negative attitude.” ~Anon That quote makes sense, however, it doesn’t explain how you adopt a positive attitude? The answer to that question is, you have to learn to act and think like … Continue reading

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You Can’t Beat Luck Too

By small margins is the success of one team over another measured, a flick of a ball that went into the right hand, or the shot from distance that sailed between the posts. Having just watched the all Ireland hurling … Continue reading

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