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Facebook Does Not Work for Business unless It Works For The People on Facebook.

A lot of business people worry about the Facebook algorithm, they are concerned that their posts are not being seen by the people who have liked their page, the truth is, they are not sharing what people are interested in … Continue reading

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My most Popular Images this week are Worth Seeing

Below are the most popular images I have shared this week, I hope you enjoy them.   Imagine my relief when I clicked the spell checker and found no writing errors. Till the next time, I hope you have a … Continue reading

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Pictured Posts are Easier to Read

I like reading books with good story lines and interestingly described scenery but when I’m online I prefer to read the shortened version; you know, the one sentence that makes sense of the entire paragraph. The reason is I respect … Continue reading

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Another New Year has begun, are you ready

The New Year is upon us once more, and people are busy putting together their resolutions for the year ahead, quite a few will be donating money to the local GYM for that membership key that may or may not … Continue reading

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Positive Images Attract the most Attention after Page 3 Girls

Images are what gets the most attention online, and after page 3 girls, positive images are the next most popular. The following are some of the most popular I’ve shared in recent weeks.               … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning behind some Words

I love the English language because it gives people like me, the chance to play with words and their meanings. I have put a few of my favourite below, I hope you enjoy reading them. Baby Sitter: This career is … Continue reading

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“The New Year is Upon us Once More, Are you Ready?”

The new year is almost here and as usual the television is sending out the same message, what is your new years resolution? In our current economic conditions, giving up something is harder than ever, because with every budget that … Continue reading

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We will always Remember our Magical Moments

Why are our magical moments so important? If we are lucky, there will be times in our lives when we accomplish feats that surpass our own expectations; these are what I consider to be magical moments because just by dwelling … Continue reading

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Worrying about People and Events outside of your ability to Change is Pointless

The sun will rise in the morning, and it will set again at dusk, these are events we are sure will happen and should it come to pass where they do not, your worrying days will be behind you forever. … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Cheerful.

Reasons to be cheerful are every bit as plentiful as reasons to be sad; it is up to you to decide which of your memories you want to concentrate on, personally I prefer to look for reasons to be happy. … Continue reading

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