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I wasn’t his target audience although I may be now

The person who wrote, ” one small change at a time will ameliorate your life,” wasn’t communicating with me because I didn’t know what ameliorate meant. I have since found out the meaning of ameliorate; it is to make something … Continue reading

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Once you learn to walk you do it automatically

Once you learn to walk you do it automatically. Once you learn to eat solid food you do it automatically. Once you learn to speak you do that automatically too, however, sometimes that isn’t the best course of action; from … Continue reading

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Words on their own do not always convey meaning

Just because somebody shares their words with you does not mean you will understand their meaning. We are all individuals living a unique existence.

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Your hands and mind are linked

If you learn to relax your hands, your mind will be relaxed too. There’s nothing new about the link between the hands and the mind; for as long as babies suffered from pains they could not communicate; mothers have been … Continue reading

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Two wrongs do not make anything right

An opinion is always worth discussing, however, it’s not worth dying over. All too often the world is divided and war is waged because of a difference of opinion, neither of which is more valid from a bystander’s point of … Continue reading

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of Silence

A word once spoken cannot be unheard. Your words have power, however, sometimes your silence is more effective.

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People Over Complicate What Should Not be Complicated

“Life doesn’t have to be complicated, you can use simple phrases to communicate powerful messages.” “Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius “Too many words can make the simplest message difficult to read.” ~Simplify “If you … Continue reading

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Deliver Messages using Positive Communication

“If you don’t do this the world will end tomorrow.” This is a message that has negative connotations, it’s basically threatening people using fear into acting in a certain way. If the message was phrased differently such as, “if you … Continue reading

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Body Language is Not Enough Anymore

The spoken word only makes up seven percent of how we communicate, the other 93 percent is made up of tone and body language, and yet in today’s modern world it’s that seven percent that’s important when it comes to … Continue reading

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Write in Meaningful Sentences, Not Meaningless Paragraphs

You do not always need to write a book to communicate a strong message.

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