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Some values are more valuable than money

Find somebody who will share their values with you, not their money because any divorce lawyer will do that for you. “Your core values are your deeply held beliefs that authenticate your soul.” ~John C. Maxwell. Don’t settle for any … Continue reading

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You have to use your time to create happy memories

The meaning of life is to create as many memories as possible so any time you find happiness in any activity is time you will remember. These will be the happy memories you will cherish as you age. Work time: … Continue reading

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You cannot possible compare what two people have in common

Our similarities are not based on what we have in common, our similarities are based on if we have overcome the same insecurities in the same way. For example: If two people have lost weight, they have the weight they … Continue reading

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There are No Complicated Problems Only Complicated People

If you’re not happy with what you’ve got, you’ve been asking the wrong questions. There’s a simple answer to every question; if you can’t see the answer, you are the problem. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” … Continue reading

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Strength Comes Through Your Genes

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down as long as you keep getting up.” “I know I’m different, I’ve known it my entire life but now I’m going to embrace those differences because that’s what makes me unique.”

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Common Sense is Not Always Easy To Follow

Common sense often over simplifies incredibly complicated situations but when you look back at how you solved the problems you were experiencing, you often resorted to common sense ideas. The following are just a few common sense ideas I’ve gathered … Continue reading

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Every Relationship Needs Balance

The Sun and the Earth have a great relationship, each gives the other just enough room so that they prosper, of course the Sun is not as concerned about the distance between the Earth and itself as the Earth is. … Continue reading

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Make It Simple

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh that epitomises everything we do. Counting to ten like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 is easy but if you had to say it like 9,5,6,4,1,3,2,7,10, … Continue reading

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Quotes mean many things to many people

Quotes are all about perception because different people will take different meanings from the same quote. This perception is based on their life experiences, and that is why we are unique. Nobody, not even the closest brother and sister will … Continue reading

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Another New Year has begun, are you ready

The New Year is upon us once more, and people are busy putting together their resolutions for the year ahead, quite a few will be donating money to the local GYM for that membership key that may or may not … Continue reading

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