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You are entitled to many things, however, you’re not entitled to that

The world is full of people with different beliefs. Each and every belief is of equal value. You are entitled to your beliefs, however, you should not expect anybody else to agree or disagree with you. You’ve got to let … Continue reading

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7 beliefs I have difficulty believing

Be careful of what you believe in because some of them are too ludicrous to be true. The following are some of the beliefs I’ve questioned and determined they cannot be true for me, however, they could well be true … Continue reading

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If you believe everything you see online, the answer is yes

Every story you read online, in the newspapers or on television should come with a byline. “Believe it or not.” Can you be hypnotised without your consent? The majority of people will answer no to that question, however, if people … Continue reading

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Believe in everything you want to believe in

Nobody ever got in real trouble for using their imagination, however, believing  in everything you imagine can get you in trouble. For example: Imagining you’ve won the lottery is good for you, while spending money like you’ve won the lottery … Continue reading

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Believing in yourself is good for you

When you believe in your future, nobody can take it away from you. According to all known laws of aviation, there’s no way that a male bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its … Continue reading

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Your beliefs determine everything

Everything you believe will become your reality. The only proof you need is to look back at moments of your life when you were absolutely sure of an outcome, the only reason it happened is because you believed in you. … Continue reading

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Self-Belief is the Key to Every Door Worth Opening

Self-belief is the foundation of every story with a happy ending because, you cannot believe in anything until you believe in yourself. “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers … Continue reading

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You Will Find Evidence to Back Up Your Beliefs

A self–fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes people to act in a certain way, some people will say, “I’m brilliant and everybody loves me,” and they will act accordingly, regardless of the truth. The reason being, they spend … Continue reading

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Be inspired to Think Positively

I enjoy spreading positive messages, the pictures below are just some of the messages I post on my Facebook page. I thought I would share some of them with you today. The time we have on this planet is limited, … Continue reading

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When you Believe? You are in Control.

What you believe about yourself today? Will become your reality tomorrow. Make it great. Kind regards, Brendan Dunne  

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