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How to reduce absenteeism

The non-presence of an employee at his/her place of work is best defined as absenteeism. When this becomes the routine (chronic absenteeism) rather than the exception, it’s a good sign there’s something wrong with the working environment or that management … Continue reading

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How to determine your value to your employer

We’d all like to think we’re invaluable, that if we left our job in the morning we’d be missed, this maybe the case as far as our co-workers are concerned, however, our employers will not look at it from that … Continue reading

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I sincerely hope you get what you deserve

Whenever I hear someone speak those words,”I sincerely hope you get what you deserve,” My first thought is, they’re not wishing good fortune for that person, however, that could be my cynical nature shining through, what if they’re really wishing … Continue reading

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An Interesting Interview Question

I’ve been to a few interviews over the years looking for a role to finance my preferred lifestyle, and during those interviews I have been asked a few questions which left me baffled as to what answer they were actually … Continue reading

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