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Emotional Articles Need to be Written by Emotional Writers

Method actors play parts exceptionally well because they live the part, if a writer wants to accomplish the same results through the articles they write, they too must have lived through similar events, it’s only then can they do justice … Continue reading

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Do Not Let Anybody Manipulate You

Life’s too short to allow yourself to be manipulated by anybody, be it business or your so-called best friend. Anybody who communicates the following messages is not thinking about you, they’re thinking about what is best for them. If you … Continue reading

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Another New Year has begun, are you ready

The New Year is upon us once more, and people are busy putting together their resolutions for the year ahead, quite a few will be donating money to the local GYM for that membership key that may or may not … Continue reading

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Emotional Marketing Creates Valuable Content for Business

In a time when resources have never been so scarce marketers have to get their messages delivered in the most cost effective manner possible. This hasn’t changed for marketers because as everybody knows, when budgets get tight the first thing … Continue reading

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