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Cartoons can have Deeper Meanings

Depending on your life-experiences you may find a lot of cartoons funny or you may see the deeper meaning behind the cartoon’s facade. The following images have a bit of both. A lot of people dislike getting older until they … Continue reading

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Change Because Your Past was Never Yours to Keep

This is the most popular subject anywhere on the web, it does not matter which site you visit there will be somebody advising you to live in the present to ensure a great future. I agree with them because a … Continue reading

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Our Views Change as We Mature

When you think about yourself in a positive way, your thoughts on life and everybody you meet will always be positive. The quote speaks for itself, ladies and gentlemen will always think before they talk, this does not mean they … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Missing Posts from your favourite people on Facebook

  Facebook has approximately one billion users to date and is acquiring more users all the time; with one billion people posting information, Facebook have to use their Edgerank algorithm to determine which posts you’re most interesting in, and that’s ok if you are the type … Continue reading

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