The professionals who learn from experience are the best to learn from

Learning from experience is the most valuable kind of learning there is, as long as that experience brings about understanding.

You see, a lot of people experience events but are too involved in the event to understand what’s going on, so they ask their friends for help but, that doesn’t work because their friends may not want to hurt their feelings or the friend may be biased one way or the other.

And that’s why it’s important to get advice from a professional who won’t allow their own bias to affect the advice they give.

Finding the right professional can be an interesting journey, however, I’ve found that professionals with real life experience are the best because they have a level of understanding you will not find in any book.

I’ll leave you with a couple of examples.

A person who understands psychology and gave up smoking cigarettes themselves is the best person to give advice on how to give up smoking cigarettes.

A person who understands marketing and has built their own business is the best person to give advice on marketing.

A person who understands human behaviour and has overcome their own obstacles is the best person to give advice on, how to overcome obstacles.

P.S. What you don’t want in a professional is someone who gives advice like a professional but follows it like an amateur because they clearly don’t understand what they’re doing.

About BrendanDunne

I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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