Your behaviour is linked to the links you click on

You will click on links where you’re looking for a specific answer and if you don’t find information that matches your preconceived notions, you will disregard the information. That, however isn’t the whole story behind links.

  • People who believe they’re intelligent will click on, how high is your IQ? Links.
  • People who believe they’re being victimised will click on, are you interacting with a sociopath? Links.
  • People who believe they’re lucky will click on lottery links.
  • People who believe they’re healers will have clicked on this link.
  • People who believe in the afterlife will click on, 10 signs you’ve lived before links.
  • People who believe in astrology will click on, the perfect star sign for you links.

I’m sure you’ve got the picture and so will every algorithm being used to monitor your online behaviour. It’s no coincidence that everyone selling stuff you’re interested in keeps showing up in your news feed.

If you enjoy social media platforms? You’ll have to continue to click on those links because if everybody decided to stop clicking on those links the reason behind social media platforms existence would disappear, and that is to make money from your interest.

About BrendanDunne

I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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