English is a wonderfully confusing language

I like the English language mainly because it’s the only language I partially understand, and I’ve used it my whole life. I’m always amazed by people who learn it as a second or maybe third language, they must spend a lot of time scratching their head, thinking, what,why?

The reason for a lot of the head scratching is the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of English words. I’ve outlined a few examples, please read on.

Can you cook a minute steak in one minute and is it really minute?

I was really content with the content of a post I wrote recently.

I read a book recently, however, I didn’t really understand it, I’ll have to read it again.

Why is the plural of any noun ending in lf spelled with ves? Such as calf/calves, wolf/wolves, elf/elves. Why can’t they be calfs, wolfs or elfs.

Don’t get me started on, there, their, there. That’s their car over there, they’re taking me with them when they leave.

And yes, I often rewrite a whole sentence when Google offers more than one way to spell a word. The Americans and the British should agree on the same spelling.

That reminds me, I think someone cast a spell on me last week.

I accept most people for who they are except for the people I haven’t met yet.

The effects of the virus has had a serious affect on a lot of people.

Whenever I’m wearing loose fitting clothing I’m afraid I’m going to lose my phone.

I finally got through to them how angry I was when I threw my book at them.

To whom it may concern, our two friends had a great time at your hotel, we would like to book a stay in the middle of August because we want to enjoy ourselves too.

I’ve known a lot of people who spell a lot without a space.

I passed a house from my past the other day.☺️

You can lead a horse to water because they’re easily led.

That reminds me, lead poisoning is very dangerous.

You should have seen the scene Karen made the other night.

Last but not least, if you leave a comment that complements this post, I will accept it as a compliment.

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