Things are more complicated but fixing them is easier

Back in the day you had to slap technology in the hope of getting it to work again. In today’s modern world all you have to do is turn your electronic device off and back on again.

From personal experience, a lot of people fail to remember this advice so they call their technical support provider, wait in a queue listening to irritating music for half an hour only to be asked by the technical support agent, when was the last time you turned off your device?

Surprisingly, I don’t know, is a regular answer. Even daddy pig knew that’s the first thing to try with anything related to a computer.

I’ll leave you with the best advice I ever received, don’t over-complicate things just because you don’t understand how it works.

About BrendanDunne

You're responsible for your life, past, present and future. Just remember, you can only change one of them.
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