The view from every window will be different

Burj Al Arab

“You’ve got to respect everybody’s right to be ignorant.” ~Basic human requirement.

The world is full of people with different levels of knowledge, their knowledge is as factual to them as your knowledge is to you. If you learn things that contradict the knowledge you possess, you’ve got multiple choices.

A. You can choose to call the people who disagree with you ignorant.

B. You can investigate their information to see if there’s some truth in their knowledge.

C. You can accept that they are entitled to their own belief system.

D. You can ask yourself why you feel so threatened when people disagree with you?

E. You can ask the other person to explain their point of view.

F. You can choose to ignore the other person’s knowledge.

G. You can look into the background and upbringing of the other person to understand their view on life.

H. You can start a war of words over who is right and who’s wrong.

I. You can ask them outside if you’re in the same place and settle your dispute like savages.

J. If you’re online acquaintances, you can send each other private insulting messages.

K. If you’re strangers online or in real life? Have you forgotten the advice your mother gave you about talking to strangers.

L. You can spend a couple of days muttering to yourself, “how dare they say that to me.”

I’ve put two images in this post, one is of the Burj Al Arab, a 7 star hotel in Dubai. The other is of a shack that’s just been sold. Both of these properties will have people staying in them, however, the view from the windows will be quite different, just like the people who will stay in them will be different too.

Respecting everybody’s rights is written into nearly every constitution in civilized society, the one that most appeals to me is the freedom of speech. I think everybody should respect that right regardless of what’s being said.

I’m sure I’ve missed out on a couple of ways you can reply to somebody who doesn’t agree with you, please leave your ideas in the comment section below.

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