To like or be liked by everybody is not essential

It’s not essential to like, or be liked by everybody else because other people’s opinion of you will not make you a better person than you think you already are. ~The End. There is more but, if you don’t have the time, that line says it all.

For those who have continued on, I hope you enjoy this post.

The need to be liked is a natural one, you expect your parents, siblings and close friends to like you, however, anybody outside of those categories is not essential unless you need their approval to get promoted or their votes to get elected to office.

The next line is the most important line in this post.

It’s essential to like yourself.

The reason that line is so important is because, if you don’t like yourself.

  • You will waste your time wondering why people disagree with you for no apparent reason.
  • If people don’t like what you post on social media sites, your self-esteem will suffer.
  • You will never reach your full potential.
  • You will never believe you’re good enough.
  • You will look for reasons to not like other people.
  • You will be jealous of other people’s possessions.
  • You will judge people on what you see.
  • You will believe people are talking about you, and you will care what they’re saying.
  • You will push people away from you.
  • Your health will suffer.
  • You will suffer from stress.
  • You will believe nothing will go right for you.
  • You will blame your past for who you are.
  • You will spend your life looking for approval from other people.
  • You will find yourself arguing with people who are not worth arguing with.
  • You will expect people to like you, even if you don’t like them.

When you like yourself.

When you like yourself you will enjoy the following traits.

  • You will celebrate the things you do well and accept your mistakes.
  • You appreciate people for who they are.
  • You will have good friends.
  • You can accept criticism.
  • You are a positive person.
  • You will make time for other people.
  • You will make time for yourself too.
  • You are intuitive about what’s real.
  • You take responsibility for your life.
  • You do not criticise other people.
  • You listen to other people with preparing a response.
  • You will not need to impress other people.
  • You are the genuine article.
  • You will focus on how you feel as opposed to how you look. Not that you look dowdy because your inner confidence creates a presence no stylist could create.
  • You will enjoy doing things that enhance your health.
  • You will admit when you’re wrong.
  • You enjoy each day as it arrives.
  • You do not cling to the past.
  • You will like who you see in the mirror, not what you see.
  • You are surrounded by people who’s company you enjoy.

For people who are not fully in like with themselves, the next line is important. If you’re already mad about yourself, you don’t need to read any further.

It is essential to respect everybody else.

When I said it’s not essential to like or be liked, I didn’t mean you should dislike them either. That’s just a waste of your time and emotion.

Dealing with people you’re not fond of is easy, you should withdraw your attention from them and accept them for who they are, and realise they’re not meant to play any part of your emotional journey through life.

And even if those people are in your presence from time to time, you should treat them like you would like to be treated, with respect.

I’ll leave you with one final thought.

If I had the power I would grant each and every person who’s not fully in like with themselves the following. That you should be so content with who you are that nobody else’s opinion of you is important enough for you to lose one wink of sleep.

About BrendanDunne

If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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