People who divide a nation are not nationalists

divide and conquerIf you want to create division within a country tell people how they’re different, if you want to create unity explain to people how they’re the same.

Once upon a time not so long ago I looked at the little screen in the corner of my sitting room and seen actors on the screen. Now, mainly due the black lives matter movement, I see black and white actors. It hasn’t changed what I know or feel about those people because I still don’t know who they are when they’re not playing a role, however, I now observe that physical difference between actors.

There are certain similarities between the black lives matter movement and Hitler’s relationship with the Jewish people. Hitler blamed the Jewish people for German failure just as the black lives matter movement blame white privilege for every seemingly unfair action taken against a black person.

History has taught us how successful Hitler’s ideas were, I hope history doesn’t repeat itself because if it does, we’re in for years of discontent. Maybe when the American presidential election is over, the people behind the movement will not be so motivated to divide and conquer until the next presidential election looms.

As I mentioned in the title, people who divide a nation are not nationalists because nationalists believe that everybody born within a nation has an equal right to succeed regardless of their heritage. Remember: a lot of the Jewish people killed at Hitler’s bequest were Germans too.

Nationalists believe everybody will be judged on the following traits: intelligent, honest, motivated, efficient, kind, gentle, strong, resilient, caring, assertive, hard-working, reliable, practical, responsible, loyal, mature, creative, consistent, appreciative, capable, empathetic, perceptive, patient, thoughtful, fit, trustworthy, versatile, educated, experienced, efficient, open-minded, logical, serious, supportive, resourceful, realistic, funny, punctual…..”The traits that really matter.

Nationalists do not judge people on how blue their eyes are, or anything else as superficial; that’s how people who try to divide a nation think or somebody looking for the right partner. And just to put things into perspective, when somebody finds an attractive partner, they will start judging them on the traits that really matter and that is not how suntanned they are.

AssumptionIn the grand scheme of things people are more similar than different, the majority of people have the capacity to accomplish anything they want to accomplish. Some people will have to overcome more hurdles than others, some will be real, some will be imagined and some will be created by powerful organisations who do not want to face a united front. The only advice I would give is to question everything you hear and see to determine if it’s a truth, half-truth or downright lie.

I’m not a nationalist yet, I’ve still got to unlearn some of the things I learned as I grew up, but that’s who I strive to become every day.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I believe depicts everyday life.

“Expecting life to be fair just because you’re fair is equivalent to expecting a hungry lion not to eat you because you’re not hungry.” ~Anon.



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You're responsible for your life, past, present and future. Just remember, you can only change one of them.
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