Leave wishful thinking to somebody who writes fairy tales

There is a lot of things you cannot control.Life is not a fairy tale and it never will be. There will always be people who don’t have a moral compass. They’ll have just enough imagination to follow the crowd, regardless of the direction the crowd is travelling.

No, they will not have the power to analyse their thoughts, that’s beyond them, not even when they see things that contradict their beliefs with their own eyes.

When you learn to accept that fact, life becomes that little bit easier. You don’t have to question the fool’s opinion, or their political agenda. You can leave it all behind you and get on with the important things in your life.

If you don’t know what’s important to you? You can narrow it down by prioritizing the following list.

  1. Yourself.
  2. Family.
  3. Career.
  4. Money.
  5. Health.
  6. Community.
  7. Culture.
  8. Country.
  9. Belief system.
  10. Wisdom.
  11. Happiness.

Once you’ve got your list prioritized. Write down what you can control and what’s outside of your control.

Work on the things that are within your power to accomplish and let everybody else work on their list.

Remember. Most days, the only thing within your power to change is your attitude.

About BrendanDunne

I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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