You learn to swim where you’re slightly uncomfortable not where you’ll drown

learn to swim where you are comfortableHumans do not learn to swim in the middle of the ocean and if they do, they don’t swim for very long, if fact, they’re more likely to learn how not to drown so quickly rather than to swim.

It’s the same in life. People who are thrown into the deep end have to find a way to reach the shallow end so that they may live long enough to go back into the deep end if they’re brave enough to try.

If you use this analogy for the law of attraction, it might make sense.

Everything you desire in life is floating at the deep end of a pool.

People who don’t want to work for what they want keep jumping into the deep end of the pool in the hope of grabbing some of it. Some people will get lucky; however, they’re rare, the majority of people leave the deep end frustrated and exhausted, thinking “why me?

Some people learn to swim just well enough to acquire some of the things they want, but don’t go the extra mile to get everything.

The driven and motivated people who can see exactly what they want in life create a plan to make it happen. They learn to swim in the shallows, they move a little bit out of their comfort zone every day until eventually they’re able to swim without any effort. It’s at that time, they swim to the deep end to collect their rewards, after all, they now have all the skills needed to stay there and pick up everything they desire.

I would’ve loved to be one of the latter, however, I think I must have been sun bathing when everybody else was learning how to swim.

I’ll leave you with one final quote which sums up the message behind this post.

Every expert was once a beginner, and most experts do not believe they’re experts because they’re always learning something new.” ~Helen Hayes.

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I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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