A real threat is something you need to respect

It is newThe ability to remain calm when everybody else is anxious will allow you to see the real threat and not an imagined one.

When you remain calm you are in a position to list what you know versus what you don’t know.

And then, based on what you actually know you’re in a position to make the best decisions for you.

Let’s use that formula to asses the current situation regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19).

What we know.

  • The virus is highly contagious.
  • The virus needs to be respected.
  • The virus can be deadly especially to the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.
  • The governments around the world are slowing down the spread of the virus so they can be better prepared for the second wave.
  • The most gifted medics are working on finding a vaccine for the virus.
  • The governments are putting together stimulus packages so that businesses will be able to open again once this immediate threat is neutralized.
  • The farmers, food manufacturers, shop workers and front-line medical staff are still working to keep us sustained during this time.
  • Manufacturers throughout the world are making the ventilators required for those who get sick.
  • The only thing people who are not essential to the fight against covid-19 need to do is remain calm and stay at home.

What we don’t know.

  • Nobody at this moment in time knows how this pandemic is going to play out, however, the human race will survive because as we have seen already, a lot of people have lived to tell us how grateful they are to have survived their battle with the virus.

I’ll leave you with one final thought:

When you concentrate on what you know, it’s easier to remain calm.

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You're responsible for your life, past, present and future. Just remember, you can only change one of them.
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