Knowledge does not always lead to understanding

Knowledge does not always lead to understandingKnowledge will remove every illusion you possess and then you’ll only have the truth for company. You’d think that would make life easier to understand but that would be wishful thinking.

If you become knowledgeable you may think you have something in common with other knowledgeable people, however, that’s not how it works because the truth varies from person to person because everybody perceives their truth differently.

Judging a book by its cover is a great way of explaining that phenomenon. You can judge a book by its cover and as long as you never read the book, your illusion is your truth.

If you read the book, you get to decide if the book did or did not live up to the promises the cover made to you. That’s also your truth.

If somebody gives you their opinion of the book before you read it, your perception of the book is coloured by what you think of that person, the cover and your knowledge from reading the book. That’s a new truth for you.

After reading the book you discuss the book with somebody you admire who tell you they thought the book was brilliant, so you re-assess what you thought about the book. It changes your truth once more. Another truth.

A little time later you bump into somebody you don’t admire so much and they tell you they thought the book was brilliant too. Now, not only are you reconsidering what you thought of the book, you’re re-assessing what you think about the person you admire. A confusing truth. How could two people you have different opinions about agree.

I could carry on and explain how how everything you experienced throughout your life will have an influence on what you thought of the book but I’m sure you’ve got the idea already.

Now, replace the book with a person: As long as you never speak with a beautiful person, you will always believe they are beautiful.

I’ll leave you with one final thought:

The truth is an illusion that’s constantly being exposed by knowledge to create a different truth. 



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2 Responses to Knowledge does not always lead to understanding

  1. B.Joe says:

    But be mindful that knowledge may also cause one to ignore another interpretation of the subject matter

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