Passionately pursue your every desire without feeling guilty

What do you want to accomplishNobody but you can find you guilty of following your desires and when you know what you want and what you’re prepared to pay, you will not experience guilt.

Identifying what you want is not going to be easy because you have to look into your future and decide what you don’t want to see. So how do you do that?

The first and most important question you need to answer is, what do you want to accomplish? “Why?” you ask, because you’ve got to prioritize your life, you’ve got to decide what’s important to you. If you don’t decide what’s important to you, you’ll never get what you really desire.

The next most important question is, “What are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve it?

pay the priceWill you sacrifice your Career, money, health, family, friends, personality or your ethics and morals to reach your prize because nobody has it all? There’s always going to be a compromise; in order to get something, you have to be prepared to give something of yourself in return. The following is a good example.

Career compromise: I work in a sales environment; however, I will never be a great sales person because I’m not prepared to exploit people for my benefit. My morals outweigh my greed. I will always identify and satisfy my customer’s needs, not their wants. In the long-run I’ll sleep better at night knowing I did the right thing because the bank manager will never call and sing me a lullaby.

Of course, that’s only one example of the compromises people make, other compromises are Career over friendship. Friendship over family. Family over career. The list goes on but not on this post, I’m sure you get the idea.passionately pursue your every desire

When you prioritize what you want and you know what you’re prepared to pay to get it, guilt is an emotion you will not experience. I’ll leave you with one final thought;

You deserve to passionately pursue your every desire without feeling guilty.



About BrendanDunne

If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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