Being uniquely gifted is not enough

being uniquely talented is not enoughBeing uniquely gifted is not enough because life’s more complicated than that. You might say, “that’s not fair” however I’ve been around for long enough to understand gifted people can suffer if all their gifts are in the one basket.

The singer, somebody who’s musically gifted will entertain the world and will possibly make millions, however, they may not benefit from their record sales if they’re not street smart too.

The sports person, some people are naturally brilliant at sport and will thrill the world with their movements, however, in most sports there is a limited time for them to reap the rewards from their talent, they will need to have one eye on what they’re going to do after their sporting career ends.

The academic, people who are academically brilliant will pass every exam put before them on a piece of paper, however, life is not an examination you can study for.

The farmer, some people are born with a green thumb, they can grow wonderfully tasting food and colourful flowers that appeal to every eye, however, if they don’t have the ability to communicate with their customers they may not have any customers.

The writer, the people with the ability to communicate through the written word more eloquently than everybody else will be on the best selling author’s list, however, if they can’t communicate using the spoken word they will end up living an isolated existence in the worlds they create with their pen.

The linguist, the people who communicate beautifully using the spoken word will be employed by the writers and directors of the world until their story is told, a few will become famous, however, the majority will spend a long time trying to tell somebody else’s story.

The philosopher, the thinker who spends all their time trying to understand the meaning of life may be too busy to live outside of their own head.

Thankfully very few people fall into the uniquely talented category, the majority of people will identify their unique talent and use that talent as a foundation for their career; they will also spend a lifetime learning to communicate with other people through sight, touch, sound, smell, speech, logic and emotion, however, that’s a story for a different day.


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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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