Personal problems require personal solutions

If you are sharing a problem with the general public you do not have a personal problem you have an attention seeking problem.If you post your problems on social media, you don’t have a problem, you have an attention seeking problem because personal problems require personal solutions.

Attention seeking problem: I was on a social media platform the other day when somebody with an attention seeking problem was airing their problem. The person said they had received an email they felt was inappropriate in their inbox. The person said they weren’t going to name the said individual, the reason given was, “that’s not my style,” however, the person did make a video outlining their problem with inappropriate contact and shared it with everybody on their network. The post did receive a lot of attention, quite a number of people were dismayed that such a message had been sent. I wasn’t one of those people who got upset with the message being sent because I don’t disassociate online behaviour with offline behaviour. If somebody walked up to you in the street and said something that was inappropriate; you can either call the authorities, ignore the comment or tell them that their comment was inappropriate. You really wouldn’t run down the street shouting, did you hear what they said to me? How awful.

One day people’s online behaviour will mirror their offline behaviour because at the moment some people seem to believe they can say anything they like when they’re not saying it in person. That will be a good day because: Not all problems need to be shared.

Personal problems require personal solutions because, in order to find a solution you have to understand the journey the person has taken, this requires in-depth analysis of their history. You’ll find your local life coach or psychologist will ask the right questions to find the right solutions for you. Asking the general public for advice is equivalent to opening a fortune cookie, the advice may or it may not be useful.

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I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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