Not everybody appreciates honesty

Some people will fill you full of honest shite all day longI’ve been around for long enough to understand, not everybody appreciates the truth. A typical example of this is: I was in the canteen the other day when a colleague said, “I can’t change how I think because of what I experienced growing up.” I agreed with them because for them it was true. They didn’t appreciate that answer and replied with, “don’t analyse me,” I said, ” I didn’t, I’m only agreeing with you.” I changed the conversation at that point because they didn’t want to hear how they are responsible for their thoughts and how it affects them.

The only things we have some control over are out thoughts, however, if you believe you cannot change those, you cannot change anything because the first step on any personal journey of change is a change of attitude.

“The truth will set you free, however, it may annoy you just a little bit first.” ~Anon


About BrendanDunne

I don't give advice if it's not asked for, however, I leave my advice lying around for everybody to find.
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1 Response to Not everybody appreciates honesty

  1. I can imagine how the conversation played out and had to laugh at the illogicality of your friends argument.

    Hope it didn’t spoil your lunch!

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