What you perceive to be real is your reality

Everything is real and not real at the same time(“Yanny or Laurel,”) (“Blue or Gold dress,”) What you see and what you hear is not the same for everybody and yet everybody who participated in those experiments believed what they saw and heard was true, and it was for them.

Now, they were just two experiments that caught the world’s attention, imagine if everybody in the world has a different version of everything they see and hear, that could also be true, however, that would only lead to chaos, nothing would ever be accomplished because people would not be able to agree with each other on anything, hence the majority of people agree on the physical and audible world.

The psychological world is not as easy to agree on because the beliefs people possess are intangible, they cannot be seen or heard and are not easily communicated from one person to another. (I don’t like him/her, Why? I don’t know, it’s a feeling they give me.)

A person’s beliefs is based on their perception of the world, those perceptions are based on everything they’ve been thought and everything they’ve experienced throughout their lives.

Some people inherit their perceptions from their parents and teachers, they never question whether they are right or wrong, they just believe they know best.

You cannot remove them however you can learn to ignore themSome people question everything they’ve ever learned and wonder why other people don’t do the same.

Some people believe in ghosts, I don’t, however, that will not make them any less real for those people who do. (God bless their imaginations.)

The thing to remember is, if somebody tells you they believe something is true, for them it is true regardless if you disagree with them or not. The strength of their belief system and their perception of you will determine if you can change their mind. The conviction you hold regarding your own beliefs will determine if you try.

My mantra is: Live and let live; if their beliefs are not hurting other people, they’re not worth debating.

The world is as fluid or as solid as you believe it is.



About BrendanDunne

You're responsible for your life, past, present and future. Just remember, you can only change one of them.
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