Only One Emotion Can Set You Free

Only love can set you freeFear anger sadness hate joy disgust surprise trust and anticipation are emotional reactions to your life experiences, but they are not the answer to life’s problems. There is only one reaction that will improve your life, and that is love.

“Life is 90% of what happens and 10% of how you react.”

  • Fear stops you from accomplishing the things you want to achieve because fear makes you afraid of change.
  • Anger prevents you from seeing the real problem, it clouds your thought process into believing somebody else is responsible for your actions.
  • Sadness is a necessary emotion, it gives you an outlet when you feel abandoned by people who have not lived up to your expectations or departed.
  • Hate is a waste of emotional energy; the only saying of, “hate is the equivalent of taking poison and hoping the other person would suffer,” springs to mind.
  • Joy is that wonderful feeling you get when you accomplish one of your goals, it’s normally prevails for a short length of time and then there is that hollow feeling of, “What next”.
  • Disgust is that emotion you feel when people act in ways which is abhorrent to society in general. A good example of this is the emotional response to the former doctor to the American gymnast team. I would name him but that would give him more attention than he deserves.
  • Trust is a necessary emotion, but even the most trusting person becomes a little bit cynical over time. “Trust everybody until they prove they can’t be trusted.”
  • Anticipation is an emotion the whole world appreciates when you’re going to get a present you deserve; Santa Clause only exists because of it; every child spends months each year waiting for the big day. Of course, it has the other effect as well, and student who sits outside the principle’s office waiting for their parents to arrive will give testament to that.
  • Love is the panacea for everything, if you learn to love yourself for who you are, and love everybody else for who they are, you will never find yourself in emotional jail.

Of course that doesn’t mean you go around the world telling people how much you love them, that’s God’s job.

About BrendanDunne

If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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