An Intellectual Mind Will Always Outlive a Sexy Body

There are different levels of intelligence.“Intelligence is sexy and is the only way to attract and keep people who will respect you long after the body gets old.”

Any relationship that’s based on the attractiveness of the body is equivalent to, “wall paper,” when you put it up first it looks new and inviting, after three months you know it’s still relatively new but it doesn’t grab your attention like it used to. After a year you fail to notice the wall paper, all you notice is the stains that are starting to appear due to age. The following year you stop seeing the stains until somebody draws your attention to them. Over time the wall paper becomes irrelevant, you know there’s wall paper on the wall but that’s about all you know. Then one day you decide to change the wall paper because it seems like the right thing to do.

Relationships which are based on intellectual compatibility is equivalent to falling in love with your favourite film, it never grows old no matter how many times you watch it; as you grow older you learn to appreciate the parts of the film you missed the first thirty times you seen it. The film seems to change as you mature, and that is the way all relationships should develop.

Wall paper of your favourite film? It’s a choice people make every day but it should be remembered.

“Relationships built on intellectual compatibility always outlive relationships built on lust.”

About BrendanDunne

If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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